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ACE Nurse School will not disclose any information that we gather about our staff, students or clients to any third party. We use the information collected only for the services we provide. No staff, student or client information is shared with another organisation. If a third party requires staff, student or client information we will obtain written or verbal authorisation from the relevant staff, student or client prior to release of any information.

Information supplied by clients attending government funded courses may be used for research, statistical analysis, program evaluation, post completion surveys and internal management purposes. In supplying the requested information (see enrolment form), the student or client is deemed to have consented to the use of that information for those purposes.

All student or client information is securely stored and only made available to other employees of ACE Nurse School, the state training authority.

If you would like access to your information or would like ACE Nurse School staff to discuss your information with a third party, you will need to provide a written request with a copy of your identification and send to

Any queries in relation to the above policy, please call (02) 9734 4444 or email us at

Date of Origin July 2018 Version 2.2
Last Review Date July 2022 Authority ACE Nurse
Next Review Date July 2023 Responsibility CEO