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To deliver professional services and ensure effective use of resources to provide a valued choice to students to acquire values, knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and enhanced employability.

ACE will revise its vision and mission statement every 3-5 years, to ensure that its educational focus be maintained and all key stakeholders are adequately supported.


It is the objective of ACE to become renowned for two things – its educational programs and its corporate governance. At the very centre of the brand there are a number of key aspects that support all operations:

Focus on ‘best practices’:  ACE will not succeed if not managed with a commitment to excellence.

Focus on industry:  ACE exists to develop a new era of skilled industry professionals. Leading the way, ACE is focused on providing the industry with the very best, skilled and knowledgeable staff.

Focus on students:  ACE has a very supportive customer support strategy in place, continuing to innovate in line with student needs.

Focus on innovation:  The brand will remain reactive to industry changes and therefore implement new technologies and educational techniques as they develop.

By remaining true to its brand values, ACE will grow to become a market-leader – committed to excellence and quality of education.



Ann is our CEO responsible for the crucial aspects of management including financial management, compliance, developing, implementing and maintaining systems of quality training and assessment, and implementing quality improvement strategies.

She has a background in both business and health care industries, who has previously worked as Senior Auditor with Ernst & Young (E&Y), as Loans & Securities Manager with First National Bank of Chicago; as Chief Finance Director with a retail chain store as well as Finance Director in a publicly listed company. Her formal qualifications include Bachelor of Commerce, Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) and Masters in Business Administration.

With the passion of love helping and caring for people, she gave up her executive role in the publicly listed company and studied Bachelor of Nursing and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, worked as a Registered Nurse, Clinical & ACFI Coordinator in aged care facilities and hospitals. Last but not the least Ann had been a trainer & assessor of another RTO in order to gain some hands-on experience. She aims to bring her skills and experience into ACE that loves to find solutions to the training needs of health care workers.


Gelek has been working in the aged care and disability industry as well as running the family business for years, he provides practical assistance, support, and advice to students as well as manages the operations of ACE. Gelek enjoys working closely with all team members to ensure the delivery of high quality learning programs. His personal values of integrity, collaboration, kindness and care are cornerstone to his drive and commitment in his professional career.

Gelek is originally Tibetan, fled Tibet to India; has gone through the three year and three-month retreat in the monastery to transform karmic energy into wisdom energy; undertaken extensive education in meditation and mindfulness. He is an advocate of the benefits of mindful leadership and incorporates that philosophy into his leadership at ACE.

He is running non-accredited meditation classes during weekend that can specifically help you to solve the problems of everyday life such as overcoming stress, improving relationships and building self confidence, as well as in-depth classes on Buddhist thought. All classes are open to everyone.

Student Support Officers

Our Student Support Officers are integral in ensuring your student journey is a smooth one. They bring passions for engaging with teams of students alike and is driven to achieve the goals of our RTO and effectively support the experience of our students.

They will also assist the Trainers to provide support in class and after hours via social media such as skype, weChat etc.

Rita is one of the trilingual (English, Mandarin & Cantonese) staffs with 10+ years’ work experience in residential & home care.

Winnie is another Student Support Officer speaking English, Nepalese, Hindi and Tibetan. He will handle student query, timetabling and examinations process and supporting marketing events.